What Have I Been Listening to This Week? (Week of October 22-29)

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Fundamentals by Porter Ray- someone made a [HYPE WEEK] post on this kid. This is an amazing tape. Chill piano laced beats, fun subject matter that's relatable. Personal and braggadocios at the same time. Porter Ray doesn't have the best rapping voice, nor the tightest wordplay, but he rides the beats well and speaks his piece. The production on this thing alone leads me to give it an 8/10. Definitely recommend everyone to check it out. Fresh.

RTJ2- I've seen some mixed reviews on this album, but I am for sure on the positive side. Hell, get rid of Love Again and i would call this thing a 10/10. Love almost every verse on RTJ2. I love how it didn't change much from RTJ1, just felt more grandiose with the production, and deeper with the lyrics. A lot of people are sleepin' on the bonus track too, Despot feature and all. 9/10 AOTY contender with Piñata, i need more time with it.

Under the Influence by Domo Genesis- Went back to this one since he announced the sequel. Really good tape for a mixtape over unoriginal production. No doubt Domo can spit, and he's only getting better. Really hyped for anything he puts out nowadays. No Idols and the loose tracks he has put out have shown a lot of improvement and hunger.

The Burgandy EP is pretty cool. Some nice chill samples and pretty cool verses. Just been listening to this when I'm taking a quick bike ride or doing homework. Same with the Yung Lean EP, which is literally just Ginseng Strip 2002.

Already talked about Little Brother's The ListeningSection.80, and there's nothing original i can say about MadvillainyPiñata is still my AOTY.

What Have I Been Listening to This Week? (October 8-15, 2014)

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So i downloaded The Water[s] by Mick Jenkins the day it came out. I enjoyed the aesthetic but didn't think much of it. I watched DeadEndHipHop's review of the tape, and i decided to give it a relisten. I loved it this time around. Mick really goes in and has some crazy lines on here. Dude deserves as much shine as Chance and Vic and all those other creative minds out in the Chi.

I've always been a big fan of Big KRIT but never really listened to KRIT Wuz Here. I think I have now heard every project from Krizza, and I just love him more and more. The hype for Cadillactica is building. I loved the title track single, and can't wait for the album. More rappers should be like KRIT, great dude who cares about his music and is humble. I liked this tape a lot. Adding it to my rotation, especially the more chill songs on here like Glass House and No Wheaties.

Gorillaz's Plastic Beach and Demon Days are always in the rotation. Gorillaz is my favorite band, which probably explains what got me into hip-hop.

Cancer 4 Cure and Run the Jewels are just INSANE albums. If you haven't heard either of these, please do it. C4C is turning into one of my favorite albums as of late.

Pimpire Strikes Back by Roc Marciano is a tape i slept on hard. the samples on here are great, and just convinces me even more that Roc is one of the best spitters out there right now. Didn't like Marci Beaucoup though :(

What Have I Been Listening to This Week? (Week of Aug 13, 2014)

Blackroc by Blackroc
Not into a lot of rock music but The Black Keyes are probably one of my favorite bands. I had been listening to them for a while, then found out abut Blackroc, and it has been one of my favorite albums. Perfect for chillin by the pool, driving, gaming,or just sitting at home. There is a wide array of feelings on this album, from braggy songs to some love songs, to Mos Def crooning over Black Keyes instrumentation. Very cohesive as well.

So Far Gone by Drake
Everyone has already heard this. I slept on it, since im not huge on Drake, but with the Drake vs Lil Wayne tour going on i decided to listen to a few tracks. Ended up just listening to Ignant Sh*t like 14 times.

6 Feet Beneath the Moon by King Krule 
One of my favorite non-hip-hop albums, i am admittedly a King Krule stan. Love every song he has ever put out, his aesthetic and sound is so pleasing to me. Even his voice just draws me in.

Tha Streetz Iz a Motha by Kurupt
A westcoast classic that was always on my "to listen" list that i just finally got around to. Pretty great G funk album. Kurupt can seriosuly go in when he wants to, but I think he spends too much time and too many verses just saying the same thing. I liked almost every song and now i have an even greater affinity for Daz Dillinger and G-funk. Great album.

Boy Meets World by Fashawn
I had listened to this album last winter, and enjoyed it but didnt think much of it. I shuffled to it randomly the other day, and after reading about Fashawn signing to Nas' label i decided to give it another full listen and liked it much more. Not as good as Below the Heavens in terms of a project produced by Exile but it's a deep album from a great MC. Fashawn can rap his ass off, tells great stories, is humorous, and gets pretty deep with this album. Stars is my favorite track. If you like BtH you will for sure love this album.

George Kush da Button by Smoke DZA
One of my all-time favorite musical projects. Probably in my personal top 10. It has a song for every emotion. Great features, great production. Always in my rotation.

All Eyez On Me by 2Pac
My favorite 2Pac album an coincidentally is the Reddit HipHopHeads essential album of the week. This album has been talked about to death and I have no new input. Great album. classic? I dont know. PICTURE ME ROLLIN'!

Lost In Translation by Mr. Muthaf**kin' eXquire
My favorite tape by eX, who is one of my favorite current MC's. My favorite NY rapper right now over Bada$$, A$AP, FBZ, and all of them. Dude can spit, but is also emotional. Super charismatic, and a very witty and smart man. IIRC, Myke C-Town of Dead End Hip Hop describes him as the "educated hooligan" which i agree with. Makes good songs too.

What Have I Been Listening to This Week? (Week of July 7, 2014)

Blu- Good to Be Home: probably my number 2 or 3 AOTY. Great album, especially for a double album. I'd say it is the same level of Give Me My Flowers, but with a very cohesive theme throughout- which seems to be a tribute to Blu's "home"- LA. A lot of great guest verses on here too.
Fav Tracks: Summer Time, Can't Stop Won't Stop, Red & Gold, Well Fare

Danny Brown- Old: Actually not a HUGE fan of this album. Side A is just a demonic crazy ride through the dark side of the ghetto. The beats are a little whack and Danny looses some of his humor that i loved on XXX in this deep darkness. Side B is full of plenty of crazy bangers, with trap EDM beats throughout. Relistening recently reminded me why it wasn't one of my top 5 last year.
Fav Tracks: The Return, Dubstep, Dip, Smokin' and Drinkin'

Elzhi- The Preface: One of my favorite albums ever. Always in constant rotation. El kills every verse, the beats are good. The features are good for the most part. What gets me with this are El's lyrical ability. Seriously one of the greatest rappers out right now. Not to mention the concepts he uses on different tracks are mind boggling.
Fav Tracks: Talking In My Sleep, Motown 25 (w/ Royce 5'9), What I Write

Antwon- Heavy Hearted in Doldrumsliterally just this song

Apollo Brown & OC- Trophies: Recommended by my gf, and saw it on a lot of people's favorite albums of last year. Honestly wasn't feelin' the boom-bap orchestra sample beats, and OC did have some gems, but his flows and lyrical ability were nothing to write home about. Very cohesive and solid album still, just nothing stood out to me
Favs: Signs, Angels Sing

Quadron- Avalanche: Another one of my favorite albums, always in rotation. Coco O is sooo smooth and the production complements her perfect voice nicely. Very chill neo-soul type of stuff on this. And the track with Kendrick is fantastic.
Favs: LFT, Sea Salt, Better Off (w/ Kendrick Lamar)

Elzhi- Elmatic: my 2nd AOTY for 2012, behind Section80. Once again, El brings it with the lyrics and the beats are great (because they are just remade Illmatic beats, but they're fresh).
Favs: Represent, It Ain't Hard to Tell, Life's a B*tch (w/Royce 5'9)

Ab-Soul- These Days...: Not a big fan of this. This album was a disappointment for me. I loved Control System, but this just felt...off. Soul's lyrics were alright, the production was very questionable on many songs. Some verses were cringeworthy. I also feel like Soul, the guy with the great concept songs, had little to no good concepts on this. He didn't really "say" anything with the album. Still a few good tracks on here.
Favs: Kendrick Lamar's Interlude, Feelin' Us, Just Have Fun

N*E*R*D- In Search Off...: A modern classic and the album that made me a huge fan of Pharrell. Always in rotation.
Fav tracks: Things Are Getting Better, Run to the Sun, Provider

SB12 - Spring Break 2012 Playlist!

Chairlift- Sidwalk Safari

Hodgy Beats- Ave

Still Sound- Toro Y Moi

Analog 2- Odd Future

Pacific Coast Party- Smash Mouth

Brown Bag- Mike G

Steal My Sunshine- Len

Coca Cola Freestyle- Heems

Sleep (feat Coco O)- Homebase NYC

Tan Leather- Action Bronson

Party feat. Kool AD- Chairlift

Flying Overseas- Theophilus London


KOOL AD is a sick MC. With his dense and witty lyrical content and punchlines, with his almost-sloppy delivery, he's an amazing rapper who i love to listen to. I found KOOL AD, or should i say Victor Vazquez, through Das Racist, which i am a huge fan of. There were enough colorful and weird KOOL AD verses to make a 13 minute mix, so i did just that. Enjoy.