What Have I Been Listening to This Week? (Week of October 22-29)

Add me on Last.fm[2] , i like to stalk what my friends are listening to when i want some new music.

Fundamentals by Porter Ray- someone made a [HYPE WEEK] post on this kid. This is an amazing tape. Chill piano laced beats, fun subject matter that's relatable. Personal and braggadocios at the same time. Porter Ray doesn't have the best rapping voice, nor the tightest wordplay, but he rides the beats well and speaks his piece. The production on this thing alone leads me to give it an 8/10. Definitely recommend everyone to check it out. Fresh.

RTJ2- I've seen some mixed reviews on this album, but I am for sure on the positive side. Hell, get rid of Love Again and i would call this thing a 10/10. Love almost every verse on RTJ2. I love how it didn't change much from RTJ1, just felt more grandiose with the production, and deeper with the lyrics. A lot of people are sleepin' on the bonus track too, Despot feature and all. 9/10 AOTY contender with Piñata, i need more time with it.

Under the Influence by Domo Genesis- Went back to this one since he announced the sequel. Really good tape for a mixtape over unoriginal production. No doubt Domo can spit, and he's only getting better. Really hyped for anything he puts out nowadays. No Idols and the loose tracks he has put out have shown a lot of improvement and hunger.

The Burgandy EP is pretty cool. Some nice chill samples and pretty cool verses. Just been listening to this when I'm taking a quick bike ride or doing homework. Same with the Yung Lean EP, which is literally just Ginseng Strip 2002.

Already talked about Little Brother's The ListeningSection.80, and there's nothing original i can say about MadvillainyPiñata is still my AOTY.