What Have I Been Listening to This Week? (October 8-15, 2014)

 ADD ME ON LAST because i tend to creep on other people's listens from time to time when i want some new music.

So i downloaded The Water[s] by Mick Jenkins the day it came out. I enjoyed the aesthetic but didn't think much of it. I watched DeadEndHipHop's review of the tape, and i decided to give it a relisten. I loved it this time around. Mick really goes in and has some crazy lines on here. Dude deserves as much shine as Chance and Vic and all those other creative minds out in the Chi.

I've always been a big fan of Big KRIT but never really listened to KRIT Wuz Here. I think I have now heard every project from Krizza, and I just love him more and more. The hype for Cadillactica is building. I loved the title track single, and can't wait for the album. More rappers should be like KRIT, great dude who cares about his music and is humble. I liked this tape a lot. Adding it to my rotation, especially the more chill songs on here like Glass House and No Wheaties.

Gorillaz's Plastic Beach and Demon Days are always in the rotation. Gorillaz is my favorite band, which probably explains what got me into hip-hop.

Cancer 4 Cure and Run the Jewels are just INSANE albums. If you haven't heard either of these, please do it. C4C is turning into one of my favorite albums as of late.

Pimpire Strikes Back by Roc Marciano is a tape i slept on hard. the samples on here are great, and just convinces me even more that Roc is one of the best spitters out there right now. Didn't like Marci Beaucoup though :(