What Have I Been Listening to This Week? (Week of Aug 13, 2014)

Blackroc by Blackroc
Not into a lot of rock music but The Black Keyes are probably one of my favorite bands. I had been listening to them for a while, then found out abut Blackroc, and it has been one of my favorite albums. Perfect for chillin by the pool, driving, gaming,or just sitting at home. There is a wide array of feelings on this album, from braggy songs to some love songs, to Mos Def crooning over Black Keyes instrumentation. Very cohesive as well.

So Far Gone by Drake
Everyone has already heard this. I slept on it, since im not huge on Drake, but with the Drake vs Lil Wayne tour going on i decided to listen to a few tracks. Ended up just listening to Ignant Sh*t like 14 times.

6 Feet Beneath the Moon by King Krule 
One of my favorite non-hip-hop albums, i am admittedly a King Krule stan. Love every song he has ever put out, his aesthetic and sound is so pleasing to me. Even his voice just draws me in.

Tha Streetz Iz a Motha by Kurupt
A westcoast classic that was always on my "to listen" list that i just finally got around to. Pretty great G funk album. Kurupt can seriosuly go in when he wants to, but I think he spends too much time and too many verses just saying the same thing. I liked almost every song and now i have an even greater affinity for Daz Dillinger and G-funk. Great album.

Boy Meets World by Fashawn
I had listened to this album last winter, and enjoyed it but didnt think much of it. I shuffled to it randomly the other day, and after reading about Fashawn signing to Nas' label i decided to give it another full listen and liked it much more. Not as good as Below the Heavens in terms of a project produced by Exile but it's a deep album from a great MC. Fashawn can rap his ass off, tells great stories, is humorous, and gets pretty deep with this album. Stars is my favorite track. If you like BtH you will for sure love this album.

George Kush da Button by Smoke DZA
One of my all-time favorite musical projects. Probably in my personal top 10. It has a song for every emotion. Great features, great production. Always in my rotation.

All Eyez On Me by 2Pac
My favorite 2Pac album an coincidentally is the Reddit HipHopHeads essential album of the week. This album has been talked about to death and I have no new input. Great album. classic? I dont know. PICTURE ME ROLLIN'!

Lost In Translation by Mr. Muthaf**kin' eXquire
My favorite tape by eX, who is one of my favorite current MC's. My favorite NY rapper right now over Bada$$, A$AP, FBZ, and all of them. Dude can spit, but is also emotional. Super charismatic, and a very witty and smart man. IIRC, Myke C-Town of Dead End Hip Hop describes him as the "educated hooligan" which i agree with. Makes good songs too.