The Best of THE WEEKND

As an avid listener and follower of The Weeknd since his first mixtape, "House of Balloons," and with his spectacular release last week, "Thursday," i've taken the liberty of compiling my personal favorite choruses, verses, and rifts out of all of his releases and throwing it into one mix. Enjoy.


A good weeknd

TRACKLIST: (all by The Weeknd)
in order of appearance.

1. Gone
2. What You Need
3. Lonely Star
4. Loft Music
5. Trust Issues
6. The Party and the Afterparty
7. The Zone
8. Glass Table Girls
9. High for This
10. The Birds pt. 1
11. The Morning
12. THURSDAY (my fav)
13. Gone

You can get both of his mixtapes for free from